5 Winter Plants To Brighten Any Portland Landscape

The Pacific Northwest, and Portland specifically, can become very dismal, dreary, and gray over the long wintry rainy months from October – May. Homeowners stay tucked in their houses drinking coffee, peering outside only to see if there is that small chance that the sun may pay a visit. Finding a bright moment in those long months can be a challenge for even the most positive of attitudes, but you can make it a little easier by donning your landscaping with some good choices of winter flowers perfect for Portland rainy and wintry weather.

5 Winter Plants for Portland

Winter plants, Hellebore great for Portland

1. Hellebore – Traditionally known as a Christmas Rose, these plants are very resistant to frost. They grow well in the shade and provide the perfect little pop of color as part of the buttercup family.
2. Mahonia – Gorgeous shrubs that can grow to as much as 8-15 feet tall. Related to the Oregon grape they are a ray of sunshine with a spray of bright yellow flowers starting December or January and lasting until February or March. The hummingbirds will love this addition to your landscape!
3. Grevillea victoriae – This is probably the most unique of the five offering quirky buds with star burst shaped blossoms. You can find this one in bright colors ranging from red, dark orange, apricot, yellow, and even pinks. This Australian native works particularly well in city conditions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
4. Hamamelis x intermedia – A fragrant winter bloom. Grows slowly up to 10 feet making it a great city dwelling plant.
5. Cornus sanguinea – Also known as ‘Midwinter Fire’, this plant will reach heights up to 9 feet.  The orange, yellow and red blooms offer a great contrast to the wintry dark greens found in the Pacific Northwest.

Mahonia is a great winter plant for PortlandAll Oregon Provides Landscaping in Portland

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 Photo 1 by Simon Garbutt – Hellebore

Photo 2 by Stan Shebs – Mahonia



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