All Oregon Wins Awards From Yard, Garden, Patio Show With Stunning Outdoor Kitchen and Living Room

The Yard, Garden, Patio Show in Portland is quickly approaching and in celebration we are excited to highlight our 2011 display. In 2011, we designed an elaborate outdoor kitchen and living room just for the Yard, Garden, Patio Show. Each year the show hosts several live gardens, and All Oregon Landscaping has been proud to participate many times since the 1990s. These live garden displays involve the entire company  for several days and many for weeks, and have been a large source of company pride. In 2011, we designed an elaborate outdoor kitchen and living room in an intimate space of approximately 1600 square feet. Always ready with new landscaping ideas, we wanted to incorporate everything used in an indoor kitchen and living room and make it accessible and functional in an outdoor setting.

2011 Yard garden patio show in Portland
Aerial shot of our display garden for the 2011 Yard Garden Patio show.

Planning For The Yard, Garden, Patio Show Display

The planning began months in advance of the Yard, Garden, Patio Show, when our landscaping team developed the design for the show. The design for the outdoor kitchen and living room began with an all encompassing brainstorming session where several employees gathered to discuss the possibilities for the show. Out of the meeting it was determined that All Oregon Landscaping couldn’t help but go above and beyond for the show; an outdoor kitchen and living room, custom concrete counter tops, a working gas stove, a gas fireplace, a water feature with pressed concrete blocks, and more. Knowing what a challenge pulling this off would be, we were sure to plan out every detail in advance. A clear timeline was developed.

custom concrete table by All Oregon
On of our in house fabricated concrete table tops.

Weeks before the Yard, Garden, Patio Show, some elements of the outdoor kitchen and living room were constructed at All Oregon Landscaping headquarters in Sherwood. Pieces like the metal frame for the fireplace, the custom concrete table, the concrete counters, pressed concrete for the water feature, and more were assembled weeks in advance. For almost the entire month before the show, 3 employees worked tirelessly to create the pieces needed for the outdoor kitchen design.

If that seems like a lot of work, it was. However, the majority of the work for these types of displays actually happens in the four days leading up to the opening of the show. Four intense, often 14 hours days for a display that will be showcased for only three days. In the four days before the show, All Oregon Landscaping began loading in pavers, pre-built pieces, appliances, dirt, and plants to construct the outdoor kitchen, living room, and surroundings. Special tasks like hooking up running water for the fountain, and getting permission from the Fire Marshall to run the gas fireplace were completed. As usual, Tony Prunty was our master problem solver helping to troubleshoot any problems incurred along the way. In the four days allotted, we managed to complete a functioning outdoor kitchen, a custom designed gas fireplace, a pressed concrete water feature, custom concrete furniture and all of the lush landscaping to surround it.

The Results

outdoor kitchen design All Oregon Landscaping
2011 Yard Garden and Patio show display kitchen.













In the end, after the perilous and exhausting days preparing it was all worth it when the staff of All Oregon saw the reaction from the yard, garden, patio show guests. They were stunned with what we had been able to bring into the convention center, and we were more than happy to show it off. When the judges for the show came to view our display, they were equally stunned. After a  unanimous vote, All Oregon Landscaping was presented the Best in Show and the Best Use of Color awards. In the end, the hard work felt justified with the overwhelming support of show guests and the show judges.


water feature landscaping ideas
Interesting linear water feature design and install at 2011 YGP show.
outdoor fireplace landscaping ideas All Oregon
Outdoor Fireplace for the 2011 YGP Show
Planting ideas for winter by All Oregon Landscaping
Use of Witch Hazel as winter interest in our display garden, 2011 YGP Show.

Other Unique Tidbits About The Outdoor Kitchen Design

  • Because we were indoors, we had to take metered readings of emissions from the gas fireplace to ensure Yard, Garden, Patio Show guests were not being blasted with toxic fumes. A great idea to keep everyone safe.
  • The refrigerator was fully functional and appropriately stocked with beer. Perfect for Oregon, craft brew capital of the world.
  • In the four days leading up to the show, we got to use landscaping equipment inside the convention center. It is not every day you can drive a backhoe in a building.

There is no way to convey the copious amount of work and planning involved in a display like this at the yard, garden, patio show. Our belief at All Oregon Landscaping is that every landscaping project deserves the same attention to detail and respect. We practice the same care with each of landscaping clients and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Portland landscaping at any time.

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