Puppies Beaverton Oregon

One brown puppy out of nine


All Oregon Landscaping, Inc based in Sherwood Oregon has a few new additions to the family.  A few weeks ago, Kona, the office and grounds black lab gave birth to 8 black labs and one brown lab.  We would sure like to keep all the puppies but in the coming future we will be putting up a few of the puppies for sale.

The puppies are in Beaverton Oregon.  The mother, Kona, is a pure bred black lab.  She is a tremendous hunting dog.  If you are an outdoor enthusiast these puppies come from a strong breeding line.  Last week the puppies first opened their eyes and are now active and are running around like crazy.

Do kids like puppies, absolutely.  School for the Beaverton Oregon area will be commencing early September so now is a great time to think about adding to your family.  If you have interest in a great dog let us know and we would be happy to have you see the puppies.


The Pleasure of Cultivating Clematis

If you’re wondering about a good plant to add to your garden, then you might consider joining many gardeners around the world in cultivating Clematis. There are many reasons Clematis is a popular choice for gardens, but a few benefits of clematis stand out. The plant comes in many species, which makes it rather flexible when it comes to choices for sizes and colors. Clematis also is a climbing plant that can accommodate all sorts of landscapes.

Clematis comes in all types of colors and textures. Coming in dozens and dozens of species, whatever the landscape that you’re looking to enhance, Clematis can fit right in. One of the most famous variants of Clematis has long petals, often purple, but easily other popular colors like yellow or white. This flexibility in aesthetics makes this flower a popular choice to decorate your gardens or even more open areas around a building.

Often this plant species is chosen instead of ivy, whose roots can make its way into the infrastructure of the face of a building and gradually destroying it. In addition to climbing structures, clematis can climb trees, of course, but can also grow on and through other plants. This makes clematis one of the most flexible plants in terms of placement in a garden. Growing this way in mass makes for the possibility of immense, dramatic clusters of Clematis.

Cultivating Clematis

And that should do it for some of the reasons for cultivating Clematis. Covering a wide span of species, clematis comes in all shapes and sizes. Significantly, Clematis is a climbing plant, and this aspect of the variety also makes it a prized denizen in gardens around the world. Now get out there and start growing.

If you have interest in learning more about this flower, please contact us. Cultivating Clematis might seem like hard work but that is far from the truth.  We are always interested in learning about your upcoming projects.

Benefits of LED Lights

Whether you’re extremely energy efficient or simply want to save a bit of money, LED products can be a great way for you and your family to save money and help the environment as well. In fact, researchers believe that LED lighting will one day replace incandescent lights not only in businesses but in homes too. But, what makes LED lights so wonderful? Well, in this article, we’ll discuss five benefits of using LED lights. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

1.  LED lights are solid and efficient. They have many styles and are very aesthetically pleasing. The new systems come in 12 or 24 volt configurations.  The new 24 volt systems utilize the advantages of line voltage systems with the ease and safety of a low voltage system.

2.  LED lights use less power. Yes, this is true. When LED lights are properly designed, they are 60% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. In fact, if you were to use a 100-watt bulb for about a year then you would about $90 on electricity and out of this only $70 would have been used to light the room and the other $20 would have been lost. However, if you switched to an LED light, then your overall cost would be $70.00 and all this would have been used to light the room.  So in essence you save over $20 by simply switching to LED lights.

3.  LED lights last a very long time. Typically incandescent lights stop working when the filament stops working. However, LED lights fade gradually and they tend to remain over 65% longer than incandescent bulbs. In addition, these bulbs typically last about 40,000 hours whereas incandescent bulbs last about 9000 hours.

4.  Energy qualified LED lights have better color. These conventional light sources light up immediately and you don’t have to wait. In addition, they do not flicker when they are turned off.

5.  LED lights are an overall better value.  LED lights cost more initially but are worth it. You see, these lights cost a bit more initially however, they last 10 times longer and are extremely durable. For instance, these light are not easily broken like the incandescent ones. In addition, they do not get as hot and they don’t contain mercury.

In conclusion, LED lights are solid lights that have a lot of great things to offer budget and environment conscious consumers. Not only are they solid and efficient but also, they use less power and last a long time. In addition, they have better color and are an overall better value. By using these types of lights, you will save yourself money and preserve energy – now what could be better than that?

Landscape Designers or Landscape Architects

Are you looking to improve the overall look of your yard? If so, you could be confused as to the people you will need to execute the vision you have. Upon doing your research you’re probably coming across two different types of landscape professionals. Those types are landscape designers or landscape architects. It is commonly thought that these two fields are the same, but in actuality they are different. Yes their jobs both have to deal with landscapes and the construction of them, but they both have different roles in the process and have experience in different aspects of the field. Let’s take a look at some of the basics that the differences between them entail.

First let’s take a look at landscape architects. Architects will look at things much more from a conceptual point of view. What we mean by that is that in order to be an official and licensed landscape architect you must have some form of formal college education. There are actual degrees that specialize in landscape architecture and these professionals will not have as much hands-on experience as a landscape designer would. Landscape architects will essentially come up with the conceptual design for the project and probably even plan a project for you, but it will be designers and other landscape professionals that will do the actual work. They will charge fees for doing the conceptual design for you and will then have to hire outside contractors to get the design built.

Landscape designers have a more functional type of experience when it comes to landscape design. These professionals will have an intimate knowledge of everything that goes into making a landscape functional and beautiful. Landscape designers also have formal educations such as Landscape Management and Horticulture. While they may or may not have some architectural experience they will always have the hands-on experience needed to make your designs come to life.

Those were just the basics of the differences between architectures and designers when it comes to landscape professionals. The good thing about working with All Oregon Landscaping is the fact that we are able to design and build landscapes with our own team members. From the consulting, to the design, to the layout, and to actually building your landscape we can do it all here at All Oregon Landscaping. The benefits to our customers are obvious, and the savings in cost is a big benefit as well.

If you want to explore your landscape options further call us to set up a no cost consultation with one of our landscape designers.

Decorative Plant Containers

Are you a gardening and design enthusiast? Is your goal to make your entry way look absolutely fabulous? At All Oregon Landscaping we know that you want the very best for your entry way or driveway. We also know the amount of work it takes to achieve the perfect look. One of the best ways to maximize space and to improve the overall look of your house is to install decorative plant containers as an accessory to your property. These containers are now made with style and artistry in mind and are no longer mundane and boring. At All Oregon Landscaping we can work with you to help you choose the decorative plant containers that are best given the specifics of your property. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits that come with decorative plant containers that are both big and small in size.

Plainly and simply put, decorative plant containers are a great way to keep corners and empty spaces free of clutter. If there’s one thing that beginner or even amateur gardeners have trouble with it is how to correctly organize their container. By using decorative plant containers you can build the design to fit the area. One error we see people make is by planting to many flowers in one container. It only takes a short amount of time before these juvenile flowers grow up and out. Again, these containers come in all different sizes and shapes and our professionals will ensure that you have the proper containers given the layout of your property and garden.

You will also be surprised at how relatively inexpensive having decorative plant containers installed can be. For all of the benefits they give you in terms of style and organization it more than justifies the cost. At All Oregon we know that all projects have a budget and will surely find a solution that fits your budget and circumstance every time no matter what project we work with you on.

As with all of our services we will sit down with you and devise a plan that is best. In this case we will be really working towards enhancing the overall look of your property. These initial consultations are free of charge because we have the confidence that once you sit down with one of our professional designers, you will want to work with us in some way, shape, or form to help you with some aspect of your landscaping needs.

Custom Concrete Counter Top

Sometimes we become tired of the decor that fills both the inside and outside of our home. Have you looked at your counter tops recently and just thought that it may be time for a change? When this happens you will probably be looking for a new and innovative way to make your counter tops shine. Custom concrete counter tops are becoming a new alternative to granite and marble. These concrete counters can be used both inside and outside and also can have a design that is specific to your desires. All Oregon Landscaping designs and builds these in-house and works with customers during every step of the process.

Before meeting with us to discuss the design of your custom concrete counter top here are some basic things to know about them as well. First, our counter tops are only made with the finest eco-friendly materials throughout the entire building process. Along with the unique design, you will have the options in terms of colors and inlays. Some customers want a natural feel and others like to add specific designs. We can also make your counter top whatever size you would like. Besides counter tops we are able to produce side tables and just about anything else you can think of.

As you can see there are many different ways you can have your custom concrete counter top designed and built. This is why your initial meeting with Tony, Nic or Elida will allow us to listen to your needs and allow us to help create your vision. We will be there with you the entire way and are there to answer any questions that you may have regarding your custom concrete counter top. We look forward to hearing from you and working with us to improve the counters in your home.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is a big part of living a healthy lifestyle. With that said, we want a backyard that can provide us with all of the features and amenities necessary to make that happen. With the advancements in the landscape industry, it is now possible to truly turn your backyard landscape dreams into a reality. Heck, you can even have a full fledged pizza oven installed in your backyard if you wanted to. At All Oregon Landscaping we specialize in bringing the vision you have for your backyard to life. A pizza oven may have been an extreme example, but what about a tastefully designed patio that leads to an outdoor fireplace? This would be a perfect way to enjoy a somewhat crisp evening with family and friends. We find people have their creativity limited in their outdoor space because they do not know the options available to them as far as outdoor living goes. We know this will sound cliché, but it is true. The possibilities for your outdoor living space are almost endless. This is why you will want to enlist the services of a professional design team like the one offered by All Oregon. In order for the design process to hit the ground running let’s take a look at some of the basic elements for you to consider regarding your outdoor living space.

First and most importantly, what is the budget that you foresee for your outdoor living project? Every project has a budget and we take pride at All Oregon at working within the budget of our customers because we realize how frustrating it can be to spend more than you were expecting to. An outdoor living space is certainly a great thing to have and will only add value to your property.

What space in your backyard do you want to utilize? All Oregon can certainly make recommendations in this aspect, but ultimately it is your property and only you fully know what you want out of this project. To go along with this you will have to make a general decision after you decide on the space if you want it to have a warm and cozy feel or a big and roomy one. Again, this is something we can definitely advise you on if need be and would be happy to do so for you.

You are probably starting to see that at All Oregon we definitely want you to have as much of a role as you would like in your outdoor living project. We will have one of our trained professionals there with you every step of the way to guide you and help you at any point. Not only will we consult with you on design aspects, but where our expertise really comes in, is in the construction of your brand new outdoor living space.

Choosing a Reputable Landscape Design Firm

Are you looking to complete a landscape design project for your home? If so, make sure you choose a reputable landscape design firm.  You are probably finding that there are many landscape design firms to choose from in your local area.  Just like most industries, you will quickly find out that no two landscape design firms are the same. This is why you want to be sure that you have certain criteria that you are looking for in the designer you choose. This criteria can serve as a way to narrow down your potential suitors as your research into your different options moves along. If you have never been through this process before please do not worry as we will take you through the basics in the rest of this piece. At All Oregon Landscaping we take pride in educating our customers and potential customers about all aspects of the landscaping business and realize that choosing a designer is essential for a customer as any level.

The first thing you will want to be sure of is that your landscape design firm is fully licensed and insured. For instance, All Oregon is fully licensed and insured in both Oregon and Washington to be involved in the different aspects of landscaping we provide services in. There are some companies that choose not to get licensed for whatever reason. This puts you at immediate risk if you ever hire such a company because they could put you at a risk of liability in the process. Different states have different criteria for licensure, but any reputable company should be licensed and insured just as All Oregon is. You will want to check with the Better Business Bureau.

Make sure the quote you are getting for a specific job is accurate. Have you ever gotten an attractive quote for a job only in the end to realize you have paid a lot more than you expected? This is because the quote you received was just that, a quote, and not a firm proposal. All Oregon gives you a detailed quote that covers all of your charges from top to bottom. If you feel uneasy about a quote you are given then you should immediately bring that up with the company. Any company that balks at signing such agreement with you agreeing on the costs is one you should be wary of as well.

This next one is a big one. Will the company you are considering let you talk to other clients they have had in the past? At All Oregon we strongly urge you to talk to our past clients and we even encourage it. A company should be proud of their company and the work they have done and should be chomping at the bit to show off all of the projects they have completed. If a company restricts you from talking to their past customers, that many be indicative to the type of business they are running and is one you likely want no part of dealing with.