Choosing a Reputable Landscape Design Firm

Are you looking to complete a landscape design project for your home? If so, make sure you choose a reputable landscape design firm.  You are probably finding that there are many landscape design firms to choose from in your local area.  Just like most industries, you will quickly find out that no two landscape design firms are the same. This is why you want to be sure that you have certain criteria that you are looking for in the designer you choose. This criteria can serve as a way to narrow down your potential suitors as your research into your different options moves along. If you have never been through this process before please do not worry as we will take you through the basics in the rest of this piece. At All Oregon Landscaping we take pride in educating our customers and potential customers about all aspects of the landscaping business and realize that choosing a designer is essential for a customer as any level.

The first thing you will want to be sure of is that your landscape design firm is fully licensed and insured. For instance, All Oregon is fully licensed and insured in both Oregon and Washington to be involved in the different aspects of landscaping we provide services in. There are some companies that choose not to get licensed for whatever reason. This puts you at immediate risk if you ever hire such a company because they could put you at a risk of liability in the process. Different states have different criteria for licensure, but any reputable company should be licensed and insured just as All Oregon is. You will want to check with the Better Business Bureau.

Make sure the quote you are getting for a specific job is accurate. Have you ever gotten an attractive quote for a job only in the end to realize you have paid a lot more than you expected? This is because the quote you received was just that, a quote, and not a firm proposal. All Oregon gives you a detailed quote that covers all of your charges from top to bottom. If you feel uneasy about a quote you are given then you should immediately bring that up with the company. Any company that balks at signing such agreement with you agreeing on the costs is one you should be wary of as well.

This next one is a big one. Will the company you are considering let you talk to other clients they have had in the past? At All Oregon we strongly urge you to talk to our past clients and we even encourage it. A company should be proud of their company and the work they have done and should be chomping at the bit to show off all of the projects they have completed. If a company restricts you from talking to their past customers, that many be indicative to the type of business they are running and is one you likely want no part of dealing with.

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