Creating a Pet Sanctuary in Your Yard

192116_10150103320887466_7303622_oWhen creating an outdoor living space it should be comfortable for everyone. If pets are a part of the family, they will certainly be sharing the outdoor area, and if their needs are not considered during the planning stages it could become a stark battlefield between owner and pet. Without clear boundaries, dogs will claim the entire space, which could mean holes in the lawn and plant beds. Don’t have a digger? Even the most well-behaved pets will likely cause a dead patch or two. Instead of fighting with your dog, create a place in your yard that is a sanctuary to your dog (or other pet) as much as it is for you.

Create a Pet Sanctuary – 4 Things to Think About

  1. A water feature with the dog in mind. When a dog needs water they’ll look to the closest supply. Creating a low to the ground, pet-friendly water feature designed to allow the dog a drink (but maybe not a swim) adds beauty to the yard while keeping your dog hydrated and happy.
  2. Pet containment. Choose a fencing or dog house material that fits your style – chain link is an effective barrier but not always the most attractive. Post and wire is a great alternative to chain link and can actually become a feature of your yard with the right plants and design. Picket fence is another wonderful fencing that separates outdoor living spaces without being burdensome in height. Keep in mind this would be best used for smaller dogs and pets that aren’t jumpers.
  3. Beware of toxic plants and chemicals. Many common plants can be poisonous if consumed by dogs. Rhododendron, Hosta, Ivy and Lily varieties, just to name a few. In addition, if you choose chemicals to control plant and/or animal pests, they should be used with extreme caution where dogs or other pets have access to them. Many can be fatal to pets.
  4. A specified pet area. If you want to leave the yard open, providing pets with a space of their own can help keep them from the areas that would otherwise be damaged by their regular activities. A designated potty area can keep lawns spot-free and clean up easier. If your dog has a tendency to dig, allow them a space where it’s ok, or create a doggy sandbox complete with closable lid. A shelter or a shaded area is also important to keep them from digging under plants in an attempt to keep cool in the warmer months.

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