DIY Yard Games for More Outdoor Fun

Big jenga is fun for all, DIY yard games
Make your Jenga whatever size you like!

In the Northwest we try and spend as much time outdoors as possible during the summer. Whether it’s cooking and enjoying an outdoor kitchen and dining area, or relaxing alone or with friends outdoors, we love enjoying the sun and warm weather. If you want to kick up the outdoor living a bit, try these easy and fun DIY yard games.

4 DIY Yard Games for More Summer Fun

2×4 Jenga – A simple and easy outdoor game for all ages. Simply cut 2x4s into 48 10 ½ inch pieces. If you don’t wish to cut them yourself, most lumber yards will cut them for you for a small fee. After you have your pieces, be sure to sand the edges and any rough spots to make them easy to slide. Stack three by three, alternating the direction of each row, and you have a giant Jenga set. Setup the big Jenga on a small table and invite some friends over for the fun.

Giant Checkers – A huge checker board made from concrete step stones can be a seasonal or permanent fixture in the yard for outdoor summer fun. A standard checker board is 8×8 so you’ll need 64 squares all together. Simply place them in the designated area in rows of 8, alternating between two colors. For the checkers, you can use paper plates (if it’s not too breezy), paint lids, big rocks or whatever else you can think of for the pieces. Get creative and find something that matches your personality and outdoor decor.

Spray Paint Twister – Spray painting colored dots on the grass is an easy way to set up a yard game of outdoor twister without trying to anchor an indoor game board to the ground. You’ll need white, blue, red and yellow spray paint to create the dots, with each color creating one row with six dots for each color. If you are aLawndart perfectionist you can measure, or just wing it and see what kind of chaos non-perfect lawn twister dots can create!

Non-Lethal Lawn Darts – Well, these are not really lawn darts at all, but the concept is still the same. This is probably the easiest game to make and can be a lot of fun if turned into a
tournaments for big groups. Fill the ends of six old socks with dried beans and tie them off so you have a bean bag with a tail – three for each team. Use hula hoops as your targets. This is a great game to play with younger kids as well as adults who remember the original lawn darts and would rather forego impalement.

What are your favorite yard games? Feel free to share with us on Facebook or in the comments below. Need help making the landscape DIY yard game worthy? Contact us for landscaping ideas or a free quote on your next project.

Jenga Picture By Ildar Sagdejev (Specious) (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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