Fall Lawn Care Checklist and Tips

Fall has officially hit in Oregon. Today is cool, cloudy, and we may even see some drizzle. Sigh. With summer fading fast, we put together our fall lawn care checklist for Oregonians along with some handy fall lawn maintenance tips. Tip One: You’ll want to complete this list by the end of October, so don’t slack off!

Fall Lawn Care Checklist

  1. fall lawn care checklist in OregonAdjust the height of your lawn mower blades. You’ll want the blades to be about 2 inches high throughout the fall. This is a bit shorter than in the summer to help avoid the grass getting matted down from heavy, wet leaves. Tip Two: Don’t go any shorter than 2″, or you’ll risk giving weeds a foothold.
  2. Overseed. If your lawn seems thins or sparse, overseed and keep the lawn moist while grass sprouts.
  3. Adjust your watering schedule. In Oregon, fall brings back the rain. Make sure to adjust any irrigation systems, or your watering schedule so plants aren’t getting too much water.
  4. Fertilize. Making sure to feed your lawn in the fall will allow you to enjoy the look of your lawn much earlier next spring.  Fertilize in September and late October if possible.
  5. Eliminate perennial weeds. This is really the best time of year to spray for problem weeds. Tip Three: Choose a day with moderate temperatures when the ground is already moist to spray for weeds.
  6. Repair dead patches of grass. You will most likely have more success repairing dead patches in the fall than in the spring. You won’t need to worry as much about weeds or the stress of hot weather.
  7. Check for thatch in your lawn. If you need to know how to check your thatch, read our post: Keep Your Lawn Soft: Don’t Forget to Dethatch!
  8. Apply a top dressing. Add a thin layer of soil to the top of your lawn to reduce thatch, increase the amount of organic matter in the soil, smooth bumps, and lessen the need for fertilizer. Use equal parts loam, sand, and peat. Work the top dressing in using a rake. Tip Four: Be sure to dethatch before applying a top dressing.
  9. Remove dead leaves and other fallen yard debris. Be sure to do this before it mats down the lawn.
  10. Drain any irrigation lines. Before the chance of freezing weather, be sure to drain your irrigation system. This can be done using compressed air or drain valves. Tip Five: Don’t exceed 50 psi if you use an air compressor.

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