How do I get my lawn to look better?
It is important to keep your lawn on a consistent maintenance schedule. Besides regular mowing, in a different direction each week, your lawn also requires fertilization and yearly aeration. Aeration can include thatching and plugs.
What will my project look like when it’s done?
Our designers create a conceptual design plan that is the blueprint for the project. As the project proceeds the homeowner will be able to follow the design layout. We consider the project completed when the homeowner is happy.
What is the advantage of LED lighting vs. traditional 12 or 24 volt lighting?
LED lighting has longevity over traditional bulbs. On average LED lighting is 60% less per year than traditional lighting costs.
What warranty do you offer on my landscape project?
  • LED lighting 15 Year warranty on parts and labor
  • Plant Material 1 Year warranty when automatic irrigation is present
  • Hardscape (anything not dirt or plant) 1 Year against defects
  • Irrigation 2 Years labor and 5 Years for parts
  • All Oregon has been in business 23 plus years so we are able to back our warranties
What is involved in a no cost initial consultation?
One of our designers will meet with the homeowner to gain an understanding of the needs and goals of the homeowner. Our designers will also be able to observe the site so they can provide the best recommendations. About a week later the designer will present the proposal in person or by email.
What color can my concrete counter be made of?
If you can think of it, we can make it happen. Custom concrete tables, which we make, can come in any color and can have any inlays the homeowner can think of. Stainless steel inlays to sliced thunder eggs and different glass options.
Who should I talk with about a billing question?
Julie is the go to person for any billing questions. Besides billing, Julie runs all the administrative functions for us.
Do you sell plants from your nursery to the public?
No, the reason we have a nursery is to control quality and cost for our clients. We purchase in bulk and pass those savings on to our clients. In early autumn public nurseries will run low on stock so we are able to plan ahead and stock our nursery for projects.
Do you do maintenance on yards?
We sure do. Call Julie and she can explain the different options.
I see large projects on your website but my project is smaller, do you work on smaller projects?
Absolutely, our designers love all sized projects.  Intimate spaces create opportunities to make a statement for the yard.  Other times a simple decorative plant container or a water feature will make the yard. Call us we will go over all options with you.