Infrastructure – the next phase in the landscaping process

all oregon infrastructureWell, now that your yard is completely ripped apart we have to start putting it back together.  At this stage we will be installing the components that make your yard work – the Infrastructure.  Over the next few weeks we will be going over what infrastructure is and the type of work infrastructure requires to complete.

This is a brief outline on infrastructure:

Clear and grub:  This also could be thought of as demolition, which it is.  But clearing and grubbing is a more refined process giving us the nice blank slate for installing the infrastructure.  

Cut and Fill:  This refers to soil. To be cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly it is always a good idea to balance the removal of soil on site (cut) and the areas in the yard that need soil (fill).

Soil and Amendments:  Your soil is one of the most important pieces of a successful project and healthy yard. We will discuss this subject in more detail in future posts.

Irrigation: One of the other pieces of infrastructure that is crucial to a successful project and a healthy landscape. Once again Irrigation is a large topic and we will be covering it in future posts.

Lighting:  Lighting is important to think about at the beginning a project you can easily plan for pre-wiring if your budget does not allow for all the light fixtures at the beginning of your project. Pre-wiring will save you money in the end once you can afford those fixtures.  

Power: We always need to be mindful where your power is and how that relates to your irrigation trenching and tree locations. Your power points from the house are also important because we need to have a place for your irrigation controller and your lighting transformer.  

Proper Base Material:  Depending on your hardscape choice, your base material could change as well as the depth of the soil we need to remove for that ideal base material.

Retaining Structures: Whether this means large concrete walls, segmented block walls or stacked boulders we need to accommodate for the proper access, backfill, drainage and staging for those structures.

Boulders: Boulders are both structural and aesthetic pieces of your yard. That is why they must be planned for according.  You don’t want tractor tracks going through your new lawn.

This will get you thinking about the beginning the stages of your new landscape and all the little tasks in-between.

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