Teodoro, Conejo, Chewbacca and Grandpa – An Irrigation Expert

Just in time for #TBT (Throwback Thursday for those not in the hashtag loop), we’ve got an All Oregon Landscaping throwback all the way to 1994. His name is Teo, and that is when he began working with us.  Since he began in 1994, hes become our go-to “sprinkler-man” , irrigation expert as well as a lot of other things that come with a lot of names. He is fondly referred to as any or all of the following: Teodoro, Conejo, Chewbacca and even Grandpa. Choose your favorite.

Teo’s Photo Spread

Teo next to the All Oregon landscaping van. Matching shirt and all.
Teo next to the All Oregon landscaping van. Matching shirt and all.
Teo on the job.
Teo on the job.

What Does Teo Do at All Oregon Landscaping?

Teo has worked pretty much everyday with us since 1994, and we couldn’t be happier. Teo is our Senior (not señor) Irrigation Expert and Lighting Technician. He is responsible for almost all of our service calls, and any work order or warranty issues. When he isn’t too busy with service calls he will also occasionally help out by running a construction crew for smaller landscaping projects. No matter what job he is on, we’ve learned we can rely on Teo to fix the problem and get it done right, and that is invaluable. We hope to keep Teo as long as we can have him and appreciate his dedication and hard work immensely. Now, a special note from Teo on irrigation systems just in time for winter.

A Word from Teo on the Dangers of Failing to Blow Out Your Irrigation System for Winter

We often get questions about whether winterizing your irrigation system in the Portland area is really necessary. Take some advice from Teo, and just do it already! And, make sure you know what you are doing or hire someone (like us) who does. Why should you do it? Well, most homeowners put a significant investment into installing an irrigation system. By risking not winterizing, you risk losing your investment with cracked pipes, tubes, or pieces. There is no real science to determining how deep a frost can go, but rather a lot of moving variables. Micro-climates, vegetation, concrete retaining walls, and more can alter how deep a freeze can go. It is simply best not to risk it, and have your system blown out before winter.  Repairs can be far more costly.

So What Does Teo Do When He is Not Working?

In his free time he enjoys his 7 children, camping, church activities, and even gardening at his own home. It takes a real green thumb to want to garden at work and at home!

What is your favorite name for our “sprinkler-man” Teo? Chewbacca? Grandpa? Do you have any employees you could never replace? Who and why? Tell us on Facebook or in the comments.

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