Lake Oswego Landscape Design by Elida Rivera

We work with pleased clients all over Portland, Beaverton, Sherwood, and many surrounding areas. We are going to highlight a special Lake Oswego landscaping project today. For one of our designers, Elida Rivera, an important step in any new landscaping project is the initial meeting to discuss the design goals and learn what the household wants and needs in their outdoor space. Every household has different reasons for approaching All Oregon Landscaping for their yard projects. This family included children, so their needs were tailored to that.

All Oregon Design Process

The landscape design process for this Lake Oswego family was no different than most of our projects. There are generally three steps involved in any landscape design.

  1. Assimilation of client and site information: Elida visited the home to discuss needs and wants with the client. She also took good observation of the yard’s current condition.
  2. The concept plan: Elida draws up her best ideas for the landscape using all the knowledge she has collected. It is then presented to the client.
  3. The final plan: After the client and designer go over the concept plan, Elida incorporates any changes into the final plan which will be used to carry out the project.

Design Goals For The Lake Oswego Landscape Design

During the home visit, Elida took careful notes about what was important to the clients for functionality and comfort in their yard. Having children had a large impact on this design, and that is reflected in the following design goals.

  • Provide privacy
  • Maximize level play areas for family activities
  • Blending of function and aesthetics – how to include a play structure and a shed in the flow of the landscape design
  • Focus on safety with smooth transitions from one area to the next
  • Indoor visibility of play areas
  • Lighting that provides safe navigation in the evening and is pleasing from inside the home during the winter months
  • A design that compliments the architecture and style of the home, scale of property, and neighborhood

Before and After All Oregon Landscaping

After the work was completed in about 3 weeks, both Elida and the client were pleased with their new yard. Take a glance at the yard before and after All Oregon Landscaping transformed the space.


Lake Oswego landscape design by Elida Rivera


After photos of lake oswego landscape design

Do you like what you’ve seen with our Lake Oswego project?  Elida and everyone else at All Oregon Landscaping would be glad to help you design an aesthetic and functional yard.  We specialize in outdoor kitchens, boulders, water features, and more. Call us to discuss all of the possibilities for your yard in Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Portland, Sherwood, and any surrounding areas.


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