Landscape Designers or Landscape Architects

Are you looking to improve the overall look of your yard? If so, you could be confused as to the people you will need to execute the vision you have. Upon doing your research you’re probably coming across two different types of landscape professionals. Those types are landscape designers or landscape architects. It is commonly thought that these two fields are the same, but in actuality they are different. Yes their jobs both have to deal with landscapes and the construction of them, but they both have different roles in the process and have experience in different aspects of the field. Let’s take a look at some of the basics that the differences between them entail.

First let’s take a look at landscape architects. Architects will look at things much more from a conceptual point of view. What we mean by that is that in order to be an official and licensed landscape architect you must have some form of formal college education. There are actual degrees that specialize in landscape architecture and these professionals will not have as much hands-on experience as a landscape designer would. Landscape architects will essentially come up with the conceptual design for the project and probably even plan a project for you, but it will be designers and other landscape professionals that will do the actual work. They will charge fees for doing the conceptual design for you and will then have to hire outside contractors to get the design built.

Landscape designers have a more functional type of experience when it comes to landscape design. These professionals will have an intimate knowledge of everything that goes into making a landscape functional and beautiful. Landscape designers also have formal educations such as Landscape Management and Horticulture. While they may or may not have some architectural experience they will always have the hands-on experience needed to make your designs come to life.

Those were just the basics of the differences between architectures and designers when it comes to landscape professionals. The good thing about working with All Oregon Landscaping is the fact that we are able to design and build landscapes with our own team members. From the consulting, to the design, to the layout, and to actually building your landscape we can do it all here at All Oregon Landscaping. The benefits to our customers are obvious, and the savings in cost is a big benefit as well.

If you want to explore your landscape options further call us to set up a no cost consultation with one of our landscape designers.

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