Outdoor Lighting Portland – What you need to know

Pacific Northwest residents treasure the time they can spend in the outdoors after the rain and before cold weather returns. With summer right around the corner and the warm weather already here, people are spending more time enjoying the outdoors. For many, the evening can be cut short due to the lack of adequate lighting and on hot days, just after the sun goes down is often the best time to be outside. A well lit yard can offer a whole new space for entertaining guests, a beautiful place to relax and can maximize the time spent enjoying the summer.

The Basics of Outdoor Lighting Portland

The best time to create a plan for outdoor lighting is at dusk. Go outside just as the sun is setting, but before it is completely dark. This is the time when you can get an idea of how things are going to look when the entire space isn’t fully illuminated. When planning outdoor lighting placement, there are three types of lighting to think about:

  • Task – Task lighting is lighting that has a specific purpose. Lighting along a path or a light over a sitting area where you like to read are good examples. Solar lights can work well since they don’t need to be very bright, but just need to give off enough light to get the job done.
  • Overall – This is used for larger areas such as an outdoor living space under a pergola where more than just the ground or a small space needs to be lit.
  • Accent –  Accent lighting is used to “decorate” the outdoor space. It is typically used to illuminate a favorite plant or water feature that normally wouldn’t be seen in the dark. This type of lighting gives a dramatic feel and can set the mood for the space.

Be sure to draw a picture of your yard and make notes on where you’ll likely spend your time. Find a few your favorite features whether it’s a tree or a pond and place them on the map. Be sure to add the paths, especially the ones that will be used in the dark.

Outdoor Lighting Portland and All Oregon Landscape

Whether you have an idea of what you want or have no desire to plan your own outdoor lighting, the experts at All Oregon Landscape are happy to help. We can make your vision come to life or create the ideal lighting layout for your space. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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