Plant Onions Now for the Biggest Bulbs

Throughout the food world, Oregonians are known as what are called “localvores”. The term “localvore” refers to a people who prefer to eat locally sourced foods as opposed to seeking out labels like “all natural” or “organic”. It explains why our Oregon Farmer’s Markets are so popular and why a lot of Oregonians have produce gardens in their yards. All Oregon Landscaping clients often want vegetable gardens or herb gardens to coincide with their fabulously designed outdoor kitchens and cooking areas. We do our best to meet every need, including helping to jump start the perfect vegetable garden for a client. Now that it is spring, there is a lot of hub bub going around about what to plant and when to plant it. The bottom line when it comes to the best onions in Oregon? Plant them now for the best results.

Plant Onions in April for the Biggest Bulbs

growing onions in oregonAlright, here is your plant word of the day, “photoperiodic”. Photoperiodic refers to plants that have lifecycles that are sensitive to day length. Onions are photoperiodic and usually begin bulbing when the amount of sunlight per day reaches around 14 hours. By planting your onions in April, the plants will be fairly large by the time the days reach 14 hours of sunlight, resulting in larger onions. Onions can be grown in almost any type of soil. Just make sure it has good fertility, drainage and tilth. Onions respond well to both compost and commercial fertilizers. Plant onion seeds a half inch deep at a rate of one to five seeds per inch. Thin seedlings after they are established. For large dry onions, thin seedlings to two to three inches apart, and for boilers and green onions, plant about a half-inch to an inch. The key to getting good seed establishment is to keep soil moist so it doesn’t form a hard crust over the top.

Best Varietals to grow In Oregon

The following are the best onion varietals to grow in Oregon according to the Oregon State University Extension Center.

  • Yellow: Copra, Prince, First Edition, Millennium, Fiesta, Frontier, New York Early
  • Overwintering: Buffalo, Walla Walla Sweet
  • Red: Red Wing, Benny’s Red
  • White: White Sweet Spanish, Superstar, Blanco Duro
  • Green bunching: Ishikura, Tokyo Long White, Hishiko

Other Landscaping Questions?

Have landscaping questions that are about more than growing the best onions? We can help. We’ve got landscape inspiration on our blog, tips, advice and more. We are gearing up for a big season this year and are happy to meet with you to discuss your biggest or smallest landscaping needs. Contact us about your garden, pool, water feature, custom outdoor kitchens, pergola, or patio ideas anytime. We work throughout the Portland area including Beaverton, Gresham, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro, Tualatin, Sherwood, West Linn, Oregon City, and more.

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