Puppies Beaverton Oregon

One brown puppy out of nine


All Oregon Landscaping, Inc based in Sherwood Oregon has a few new additions to the family.  A few weeks ago, Kona, the office and grounds black lab gave birth to 8 black labs and one brown lab.  We would sure like to keep all the puppies but in the coming future we will be putting up a few of the puppies for sale.

The puppies are in Beaverton Oregon.  The mother, Kona, is a pure bred black lab.  She is a tremendous hunting dog.  If you are an outdoor enthusiast these puppies come from a strong breeding line.  Last week the puppies first opened their eyes and are now active and are running around like crazy.

Do kids like puppies, absolutely.  School for the Beaverton Oregon area will be commencing early September so now is a great time to think about adding to your family.  If you have interest in a great dog let us know and we would be happy to have you see the puppies.


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