Sherwood Residence featured on KOIN Local 6 Fall Home Refresh

All Oregon Landscaping is very excited to be featured on the KOIN Local 6 special Fall Home Refresh series this October. We showed KOIN Local 6 some of the best of what we do – flawless landscapes with any and all of the amenities you could want for your friends, family, and guests. All Oregon Landscaping strives to make every single want and dream a reality for our clients. After the client contacted us, we sent out a landscape designer to suss out all of their needs and wants of the client. After carefully asking all the right questions, we came up with a landscape design incorporating everything into one seamlessly flowing yard. This residence is a large property, and we created several outdoor rooms throughout. We’d love to share details and photos of each room in case you missed the Fall Home Refresh special, or just have to see the stunning design again.

Landscape Design at the Sherwood Residence

With a large property such as this one, it gave us an opportunity to create distinct areas of purpose and enjoyment. The three main sections of our design were the entertainment area, pool and hot tub area, and the kid’s play area. What really makes a large landscape design like this impressive is the ability to make all of the outdoor rooms appear as part of the same integrated design. Let’s take a closer look at how we did that at this residence.

Entertainment Area

All Oregon Landscaping design at the Mehta Residence, the table and firplace
Dining table and fireplace in the entertainment area.
BBQ with concrete countertops.
BBQ with concrete countertops.
All Oregon Landscaping landscape design.
The upper entertainment area from the lower section of the yard.

The entertainment area at the Sherwood residence included heaters (this area is usable in the winter), fan, a built-in BBQ with stool seating, and a nice, cozy fireplace. The Entertainment Area of any landscape design should have features that make it usable year-round if not as close to that as possible. Items like fans and heaters make using the entertaining area of your yard idealistic even over the winter holidays. At this residence, this upper entertainment area has a fantastic view of the lower area where the pool and other amenities are found.

Built-In Pool and Hot Tub

Built-in pool and hot tub.
Built-in pool and hot tub. Pool by Anderson Poolworks.
Nice detailing on the built-in hot tub.
Nice detailing on the built-in hot tub.

Part of our landscape design included a pool and hot tub in the lower section of the yard. The pool design ended up being one of the most challenging aspects of the design because the pool was slated to be set on a big sloping section of the yard. Our in-house design team quickly remedied the issue by adding a structural block retaining wall that was gravel back-filled to level out the area for the pool to be built. Also part of the lower area is the firepit.


firepit by All Oregon Landscaping
The firepit next to the pool.

We really enjoy adding a firepit into a landscape design, and have executed many in past landscape designs. We’ve even provided information for you to build your own firepit on our blog. One of the most important aspects of building a great firepit is to make sure that the seating is the appropriate height in relationship to the pit portion. If you can get that right and make sure it is safe to use; firepits are a great addition in Oregon. They can be used on cool summer evenings or well into the fall/winter.

Water Features

One of the water features on the property.
One of the water features on the property.

Water features add a level of elegance to any landscape design. The water features for this client were worked seamlessly into the landscape design. Water features also create a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

Kid’s Play Area

Kid's play area at the Sherwood residence on KOIN Local 6 news
Kid’s play area with trampoline, playground, and playhouse. Carvings by RFC.

For families with kids, a kid’s play area is an absolute must-have item. Parents want to be able to keep an eye on their kids while playing, so this design is perfect with the upper entertainment area overseeing the kids play area and the pool area. In this play area there is a trampoline,  playground equipment, and a playhouse. Behind the playhouse is a garden, with special pathways for the kids to ride their bicycles through.

Garden Area

All Oregon Landscaping designed a fruit and vegetable garden at the Mehta Residence featured on KOIN Local 6
Fruit and vegetable garden behind the playhouse.

Located behind the playhouse, we constructed a vegetable and fruit garden. Sustainability is often in the mind’s of Oregonians in their landscape design, so this element stands out as truly Oregonian. A well kept vegetable garden can feed your family with plenty of fresh veggies all summer long. We help clients determine what types of vegetables and fruits to grow and how to arrange them.

Private Gated Entry

private gated entry at the Sherwood residence.
Private gated entry.

We designed this gorgeous private gated entrance for the client’s driveway. Part of a great landscape design is incorporating all of the pieces or outdoor rooms together. In this gated entrance you can see some of the same materials used in other aspects of the landscape design.

Front Door Planters

Natural stone planters.
Natural stone planters.

With planters on a large property, it is a big bonus to have someone help choose the right sizes and styles. Collectively with the client we chose natural stone planters that can be found from the front door all the way throughout the property.


All Oregon Landscaping used various hardscape materials to build walkways and planters at the Sherwood residence.
Various hardscape materials.

Like planters, hardscapes take work to design and build. In this landscape design we used many types of hardscape materials including colored and stamped concrete, pavers, asphalt, concrete countertops, and pre-cast concrete.  Making sure that the hardscape materials are durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing is part of our job at All Oregon Landscaping.

All Oregon Landscaping crew hard at work on the Sherwood residence landscape design.
All Oregon Landscaping crew hard at work on the landscape design in Sherwood.

Sherwood Before and After

Whew! It was a lot of work, but both the client and All Oregon Landscaping were elated with the finished product from the pavers to the challenging pool design. At All Oregon, we realize we are only as good as our employees, and the execution of this project was top-notch. If you saw something at the Sherwood residence similar to what you’d like to see in your landscape, give us a call. We can handle any project, big or small, from start to finish. We’ll send a landscaping expert out right away to discuss your next yard transformation.

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