Synthetic Lawns are a Safe and Sustainable Solution For Oregon Homes

It is no secret that synthetic lawns are gaining popularity. Statistics in 2008 show that the artificial lawn industry is gaining around 20% every year. Americans, and others worldwide are seeing the benefits of installing a synthetic lawn. For some, it is the pet friendly nature of artificial grass. For others, it is the sustainability of installing recyclable materials that don’t waste water. And yet even others who were looking for alternative solutions for their kids, a softer surface with no threat of over exposure to common allergies. Whatever the reasons, more and more people are discovering that a synthetic lawn is the right answer for their home, and All Oregon Landscaping wants to make sure we can serve our clients whether their grass is natural or artificial.

All Oregon Landscaping Partners with XGrass


We are proud to announce our partnership with XGrass, a synthetic lawn manufacturer. All Oregon Landscaping will be able to consult clients on  a one on one basis offering the best solutions for their yard needs, whether it involves natural grass or artificial grass. We will also have new tools for designing dream yards:  rubber play area surfaces, backyard basketball courts, rubber decking, or even an at home putting green, are all real possibilities. Whether your focus is the kids, pets, or overall family experience, there are solutions from XGrass and All Oregon Landscaping.


Some reasons why XGrass products are perfect for pets: 

  • Provides a mud-free playing area
  • XGrass drains moisture quickly
  • It can be easily cleaned
  • Anti-microbial
  • Eliminates pesticides and chemical treatments
  • Stays green all year long

Some reasons why XGrass products are perfect for kids and play areas:

  • Meets ASTM F1292 requirements for up to a 12’ fall height
  • Reduces allergic reactions caused by grass
  • Dries quickly, allowing children to play soon after a rain shower
  • Consistent HIC safety ratings
  • Eliminates constant maintenance of loose fill surfacing

Some reasons why XGrass products are perfect for families:

Xgrass products can make family the center of your yard by helping to create areas for activities your family enjoys together. Spaces like putting greens, basketball courts, tennis courts, a place for Bocce Ball and more. Using either synthetic turf or their VersaCourt rubber tiles your athletic area will include the following:

  • Custom designed – add logos, colors and 
permanent lines
  • Suspended surface reduces playing fatigue and 
provides better ball bounce
  • Professional appearance
  • Slip resistant & easy to maintain
  • Ensures compliance with ADA regulations


We know sustainability is important to Oregonians. In addition to all of the great reasons above to think about synthetic lawns and rubber surfacing, there are the environmental reasons. A report by ASGI in 2008 stated that Californians helped to save of 640 million gallons of water in 2007 by installing more synthetic lawns. Synthetic lawns do not require chemicals, fertilizers, or insecticides which keep children and pets safe as well as streams and rivers. Synthetic grass is also made from recyclable materials.

Let All Oregon Landscaping help you determine if any Xgrass products are right for your yard. Whether you have been dreaming about a basketball court to play ball with the kids, or a safe place for the dog, we can help you figure out the right solution. Call today to learn more about Xgrass products and how All Oregon Landscaping can help you create the yard of your dreams.

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