The Demolition Process – What to Expect

It’s time to make a mess. Or, what you think might be a mess. Unfortunately, there isn’t a construction process that doesn’t make a huge mess.  Landscape demolition can be a bit stressful because the process is out in all oregon demolitionthe open for the whole neighborhood to see.  Your contractor is aware of this fact too and a good contractor will understand you and your neighbors will be watching.

How long will demolition take?

This depends on the complexity of the features in your landscape.  The demolition process can be short and sweet or last a week or more.  

all oregon demolitionWhat is below the surface is a mystery

Having to dig is the biggest fear of contractors during the demolition process.  We aren’t talking about the standard utilities that get marked by the utility companies like your gas, water, electricity and cable.  Those are easy to stay away from when digging, but they could cause issues with where you may want that nice tree.  What contractors fear are the hidden old footings or the mystery pipes and possible wires.  These are not usually big problems but it do slow down a project and costs money.

Unforeseen problems always exist

One issue that is always on a contractor’s mind is going to be the other unforeseen problems.  Experienced contractors know that even with the best planning problems can arise.  They may be something as simple as substituting a perennial or tree to that purveyor that is not able to deliver or produce a product on time.  Client revisions like changing a design or a last minute change of a material can be a simple fix or an issue that will bring on extra costs and delays.  Of course, contractors can have issues of their own like problems on other jobs or scheduling conflicts and miscommunications between employees.

Remember to be understanding

Remember the demolition process is only a phase in the construction of your new landscape and will end soon.  Everyone is looking forward to seeing that great new landscape, including the contractor.

Clean Up

During demolition and during the course of the entire project, a good contractor will clean up the site as best as it makes sense.  Meaning, we want to leave your house each day with progress being seen, but the site will be easy for you to walk and investigate while not tracking debris around with you.


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