What is the design process?

The design process starts with an idea, vision or list of what you want in your yard. The job of a client is to outline your desires and budget for your designer.  The job of the designer is to listen, look and study the landscape then incorporate your goals into your site. This may require a range of meetings and site visits depending on the complexity or hands on nature you may wish to have on the design.

Step by Step Through the Design Process

Conceptual Design

The design process begins with the conceptual plan. What is a conceptual plan? It’s the cohesive vision of the designers understanding of the site and your ideas and needs for the landscape.  The designer will present their complete vision of the landscape to you.

during the design process you can expect a visualized plan
A visual of what the conceptual plan or visual may look like during the design process.

Revision Process

Design revisions take place after the designer has presented the conceptual drawing.  During that meeting you and the designer will discuss your thoughts and the other possibilities of the site. This is also a good time to discuss costs again.

Final Plan

The revision process end with the final plan. This will be the construction document that will be used by the builders to construction your yard. This plan should only be deviated from if there is an unforeseen circumstance. If by chance during construction process has begun, you feel something must be added or removed at which time your final construction cost will change.

Visualization and Construction Details

Depending on the complexity of the features in your landscape you may wish to have the designer develop detail drawings of specific features or a digital 3D model to assist in the visualization of the feature. This will happen prior to construction during the design process.


After the design process has been completed there may be some final changes with guard to materials and cost or a phasing plan. After all the kinks have been ironed out and the budget has been accepted, it’s demolition time.

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